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The next Stocks and Assets to MOON - Lambda Securities Podcast [Episode 1]

Ark’s Tesla Valuation InOrbis and Tesla. Palantir would you buy it at current levels? Coupang South Korea’s Amazon? Will Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies be banned? What are the risks associated with crypto in various forms? Delisting of Chinese companies and what this means for your investments. Latest EXRO press release, does this change anything? NFTs! What are they, are you buying them?

New M1X iMac, Coinbase IPO Flops, and the Elon & Cathie Drama - lambda securities podcast [Episode 2]

In the second Lambda Securities (λS) Podcast, we chat about the Coinbase IPO, The new M1X iMac and Macbook Pro, Dogecoin, The Boring Company tunnels under Las Vegas, and more!

Brad Prince, MD, MBA: Disruptive Innovation in Biotech and Medical Genomics | λS Podcast #3

Brad Prince, Physician and Medical Genomics Resident at the Alberta Children’s Hospital joins me to discuss Disruptive Innovation in the Biotechnology space and the best way to make money investing in the medical space.